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Herp derp.

Buenos dias, bitches! I'm back, and hopefully, better than ever.
I'm gonna try to start posting more.
Um, check out my Tumblr! I'm usually on it more often.
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Adam Glasses

I left my head and my heart on the dancefloor.

Prom was last night. So much fun. I danced all night, sang my heart out, and laughed like crazy. I'm so glad I took Luke as my prom date. I am really effing tired, but it was fun. Me and Antony did the dance to Bad Romance, and it was epic. I've never had to so much fun.
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"Let's make it hot in this parking lot..." Haha, Kountry Gentlemen by Family Force 5. Listening to it right now. So not much has happened lately, just the same old, same old. I just kinda felt like updating my LJ for some reason. Nothing exciting is really happening. I'm going to the trombone workshop at OU on Saturday with Cassandra, Zach, and Cole. That's about it!!
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Update. Finally.

So when I saw the All-American Rejects and Taking Back Sunday on November 24th, 2009, I almost died. Cara and I showed up the concert and got in. We waited anxiously for the show....and Anberlin started. I'd only heard "Feel Good Drag" by them, but I really liked them live! They were pretty awesome! The night only got better when Taking Back Sunday started. I still remember their first song: "Cute Without The 'E'". They were great live. And then the moment we had been waiting for. Cara and I practically pushed each other down when they started. The All-American Rejects's first song was "Move Along". We sang our hearts out the whole time. In "I Wanna" instead of saying "I wanna, I wanna touch you.." where it's only him singing, Tyson said "I wanna, I wanna fuck you.." It made my night. Until they started playing "Mona Lisa". I pretty much died in the middle of this song. Tyson got off the stage and jumped into the crowd. Cara and I screamed. We TOUCHED him. I got him glitter and B.O. on my hand....we were grossed out and excited at the same time...well, I was. They ended the show with "Gives You Hell" :D We had an amazing time. And I can't wait to see them again this summer at Warped Tour.

On December 10, 2009, I saw Family Force 5 at the same place. I went with my cousins and some of her friends. This was my first time seeing FF5, and I loved them. I jumped and danced all night. I definitely want to see them again.

Christmas was okay. I got a digital camera. Woot! Yeah, that's about it.
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So so so.

Not much has changed. I tested for my permit. Failed. Twice.


Fall break is almost over.


Um....I need friends on here.

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Frank N Furter

Let's do the time warp again.

Hello all.

Band camp was last week. It's finally over. Thank God. I'm totally sore from that.

And tan :3

I saw The Rocky Horror Picture Show for the first time this weekend. It was awesome. And weird. At the same time.

I cut my bangs today. Amazing. And I'm dying my hair in about.....30 minutes?


That should be epic.

I'm excited.


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